The factory fitted trans coolers to D3 don't seem to be man enough for the job. For this reason we have been fitting xl trans coolers to D3's that often tow heavy loads (large caravans, horse floats etc). Keeping the trans oil cool assists with extending the life of the oil and smoother shifts under heavy load, resulting in longivity to the auto trans, and less frequent oil changes, saving $$'s in the long run. Reports from customers have been very positive that it greatly improves the towing performance of their vehicle.



If you are towing heavy loads, or doing lots of hill work, you may like to consider slotted disc rotors. These great looking additions offer better heat dissapation for less brake fade, and less risk of warping.






We sell and fit dislocation cones and lowered shock mounts to suit some makes and models. These offer 5" longer wheel travel and are fantastic for vehicles that what to be used off road. Contact us for more details!


With both recovery points and high lift jack holder points, this heavy duty rear bar is both a good looking and functional upgrade to your Discovery 1 or 2. Accepting the standard bumper lights, this bar is a quick and cost effective way of making your vehicle look the part.

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Just some of the modifications and customisations we offer are listed below, and not all of them are available to all models. If you have something specific that you would like to do to your car, feel free to give us a call and we will try to help you out.